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Video SurveillanceIP-based surveillance technology has changed the way we think about video security. Today's network camera systems make video surveillance more powerful and effective than ever before by offering such benefits as remote video monitoring, limitless digital storage, improved image quality, scalability, and reduced installation costs.
Network-based video surveillance is now the preferred option for those in need of video security, and is pleased to offer top-quality IP cameras, software, and recording equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our team has years of experience providing customers with comprehensive security systems and surveillance solutions. We look forward to helping you find the IP video products that best match your specific security requirements.

Video surveillance can provide an additional layer of protection to your home or business security system. Video surveillance systems record activity to a digital video recorder (DVR), allowing you to view video of your location from anywhere in the world. Whether you have a laptop computer and want to check the video or wish to view it from your PDA or mobile phone, all of this is possible with certain internet-ready video surveillance systems. With technology on the rise, video surveillance has become a very affordable addition to any home security system.


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