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Baldwin Communications, a leading provider of Small to Medium (SBM) business class telecommunications system in the Connecticut area. Over the past 30 plus years Baldwin Communications has been deploying thousands of business telephone systems with its primary focus on lowering the cost while still delivering the quality, reliability and user-friendliness that our clients expect for the future years to come.

Baldwin Communications solutions are designed to focus on the multi-faceted needs of small to medium organizations, with an emphasis on using cutting-edge technology and providing the flexibility to meet each of the future needs of our clients Thereby protecting their initial investment with a continuous migration path to advancing technology updates. For tomorrow's evolving business communications demands, Baldwin Communications are designed to offer voice and data connectivity to increase profitability, provide efficiency, and keep you ahead of your competition, Utilizing both the traditional and the rapidly advancing VOIP Technology.

The Baldwin Communications team are true licensed specialist's in providing the NEC SL2100, NEC SL1100, NEC DSX family of telephone systems, Voice over the Internet ( VOIP) and many other solutions for your communications needs.

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